Find a co-teacher

Work with at least one other person to lead the class. Co-teachers can work efficiently in tandem, allowing each other to take frequent breaks by alternating segments. This approach also allows each teacher time to circulate throughout the classroom, engaging with students.

Enlist volunteer teaching assistants

Additional volunteers are crucial - every student has unique needs and levels of understanding, and one-on-one help can get students through some of the tougher concepts. A 1:3 ratio of students to volunteers would not be overdoing it.

Your teaching assistants should have some Python experience, but of course teaching experience is not necessary. Their job will be to move around the room during the class presentation, keeping an eye out for struggling students and answering questions as needed.

Volunteers should wait until break times to make remarks about the content, to avoid derailing the class with interruptions. Keep the focus on the students, rather than on the slides.